Friday, August 29, 2008

Flex... Am I able to bend it?

I am always interested in doing web design.. So Ive got a new version of Flex Builder from Adobe... It helps to bulid flash enabled websites
The good is, It have lot new contols and its easy to integrate all complex database with new visual treat.. and it enables simple transition effects when the states r changed.. Its based on XML..

The bad is, When we creating this type of websites, the size of the file is getting bigger and obviously it requies hign bandwidth..
hmmm... and I tried to create a elibrary... and u can see it in

Who s next Prabhu Deva

Now a days Vijay TV s coming up with very different epsiodes..
The brand new show is Whos Next Prabhu Deva..

I love Prabhu Deva from the childhood itself.. coz I love Dance... Whenever I was asked with the question "Who is your favorite Actor?" Ive always said Prabhu Deva... Every one make fun of this answer.. But I know he is one of the Genius... and not only he is a gr8 dancer but he is very humble and polite.. You cannot see him without his hands folded on any interviews..

Also He is all rounder like he plays as Dance Master, Hero and very success full director.. And here is the show which TRIES to get a new Prabhu Deva( that's who dance well) .. I dont know whether they ll get another Dance Genius.. Lemme see..