Saturday, September 20, 2008

Celebrating Software Freedom Day

hmmm... Today is our day!! yup.. Software freedom day.. So, you may wonder, why Venky is talking about the software freedom!... Coz I deserve to post atleast a paragraph since I finished my RHCE

huh.. RHCE is RedHat Certified Computer Engineer.. That was a wonder ful course where I learnt about that Tux and live with that for more than a year...

zeee, Software freedom day is celebrated to insist the freedom in software usage and not to depend on the properiatry softwares provided by Microsoft, Adobe , so and so..
For each software like this, we have an alternative in Linux.. But we replace the original with more than 3 softwares like Office can be replaced with Open Office, Neo Office, SiagOfiice, etc..
Thats where the problem lies..

When any person is given with umpteen number of options, he may struggle to choose one..
So the opensource developers should follow some standards to put the combine efforts in replacing the properitory softwares with not more than 2 softwares...

Happy Software freedom day.. :)