Monday, September 15, 2008

Uninstall Linux

Several times we face this problem... I was asked frequently by my friend Anbu about this... Lemme explain how to get rid of Linux without reinstalling windows :)

You need a windows 98 startup disk or windows 98 bootable floppy . [Get it]

How to do it:
1. Boot up in Windows xp.

2. Start>>control panel>>administrative tools>>computer management

3. Go to disk management under "storage"

4. Select your hard disk and then the linux partition.

5. Delete the linux partition this will delete linux and grub.

6. Now reboot your laptop with windows 98 start up disc or floppy and type the command "fixmbr" .

7. Above command will repair ur bootloader and rewrite ntldr which will replace corrupted grub.

8.thats it done now boot your laptop normally it will be booted by default in windows xp.