Monday, February 18, 2008

Glad we all together.. (not only for food)

Hey guys, we all classmates (only 2 or 3) were not come.. went to Vivek hari's bro marriage..
Im sure we were not there only for food but also to see vivek's shervani(as he called) and suits on that events...

I suppose it suit him but sure not his slippers for his shervani..
About 25 to 30 ppl went and he arranged a van which helped a lot and saving the bus tickets and sheep walking of boys..
Nice shouting inside a small van and as u guess every ones' legs got crushed...
you know.. evry ppl in the marriage hall look stunned of seeing such a crowd... and as usual we got shivering inside and offered a GETHU walk outside..

ya we had a nice dinner and planned to go to theater .. we went to The Name of the King.. hope fully im not going to tell that story..
No festi at night in Anbu's home.. coz evry one slept as snails

At last we get in to Vijay sabari and Rubitha 's marriage function...
As expected Vivek was in his suits and giving a colorful treat to our eyes.. and I swear you will see the photos down here...
We got nice food both in morning and AN
As usual we gave good packed presentation to new couple and shook hands.. posing for photos..

I have uploaded lot in this link ..
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