Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1 Kg 1 Re !!!!!!!

Life become more tougher…. No country ppl will have this offer except in India..

1 Kg Rice costs 1 Re….!!!!

But My family is getting rice for Rs. 23 … So guess the quality of that Re.1 Rice… There is high possibility to transport this cheap rice to nearby states illegally… They ll buy Re.1 rice here and sell it for Rs.20 in their state… Guess their Profit…

Is all the other goods come with cheap tags?.. No If we get Rice for Re.1 and we have to prepare gravy for Rs.30 with some vegetables.. Real crazy thing…

Benefits : for very poor people… (I dont know those ppl will have Ration card)

Dis Advantage : Illegal activities will raise..

Comments : Government ll have to fix the money based on the quality and help for the real poor ppl..