Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chrome, Google's pandora box

An extraordinary event on www .. wheh google came up with its new browser chrome..
rising expectations of web users & al uber geek . who catch pulse of internet and venture new products .. the race is on big time for browser behaviour manipulation.. and google started with giving suggest frm history ..

we wait to wat more they have in stores for us.. either its auto suggest from user behaviour across globe or mining ur own history for pattern of browing..

the pandora box is now wide open ..

New product not new in google but.. this browser makes google more than a homepage.. mann its home.. we dont have to go back to google again for search results.. its there coming out of ur address bar already.. the best suggest u could ever get..
isn't it cool..

wat more u ask for.. the detachable tabs.. and windows that sits back to ur tabs.. or the stats for nerd in their task manager ..

Still the all time favourite mozilla will have its own audience .. considering the stuffz like download progress bar which is shows realtime download progress in mozilla but chrome is not that transparent .. and support for linux yet to cm ..

its once again the simplicity key to success story .. for google

And yes IE with more than 73% audience still on net .. wonder what they will do now

.. cya soon with the google's wild-gooos(eeeeee) :)