Saturday, September 6, 2008

First day in Metropolitan

Uh! The day begins when I landed in Thambaram.. I feel a breeze on the tired face.. I got 2 bags weighs 10 kgs :( .. I even felt to carry my body.. Then I got a good shower at my friends room in Thambarm..

But why I came to Metro ? I planned to join in a company temporarily till my infi calls me.. Then I came to the company, Clixoo where my friend Renga is working.. This company is pretty different, I cud feel it..

By the way my luck begins here.. No power till evening.. :( A software company with out generator should be idle during these situations.. Yeah we too stand idle.. all time chating.. But we planned our work… We changed that to be a Positive situation..

My first day here was not a bad day even I bathed in sweat.. Coz.. rightly Ive started my Pursuit of Cognition..